horikashi fics everyone is in severe need of:

  • fake dating
  • accidental kiss
  • "oh no i’m in love with him/her!!?!?!?"
  • hori reluctantly playing the role of princess
  • hori/kashima doing a marriage ceremony in a play
  • staying the night bc of some rain or some shit
  • hori finding out that kashima is actually insecure (to w/e extent) about her image as a girl (actually this is just a really angsty headcanon i have pls ignore this)
  • hori thinks kashima is beautiful
  • kashimia makes hori swoon like one of her fangirls
  • sharing an umbrella in the rain (but kashima has to hold it bc hori is shorter than her hAH)
  • hori graduating
  • kashima playing the role of princess so hori can be the lead once more during the final play in his high school career please im begging

actually anything horikashi is welcome please and thanks

HoriKashi in the GSNK Fanbook's extra side story


Translated by Mika

Context: Nozaki hosts a game of “King,” where everyone draws wooden sticks with either a number or a designation of “King.” The rest of the group has to obey the King’s orders for that round.


His Majesty Mikoto’s Orders

Mikorin: Heh…finally I managed to choose…

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